1. Please note Order Cut-off time is 01:00 AM CST.
    for example: If the order has to be shipped on Wednesday, order has to be placed before 01:00 AM CST Wednesday

  2. Please note Tahoora Sweets does not have its own delivery service.

    Instead, Tahoora uses 3rd party Shipping providers like FedEx or UPS to help delivery our products to our customers.
    However, since there are many variables that goes into timely deliverable, Tahoora will not be responsible for any delays, caused by the Carrier. Some delays could be

    · Delays caused by Shipping providers due to climate, weather or unforeseen circumstances not controlled by Tahoora Sweets

    · Customer may have provided incorrect shipping address.

    · Customer may have provided instructions to shipping provider that is difficult to follow or implement

  3. For time sensitive orders, especially when you are ordering for events, please make sure to order in advance by a day or two, anticipating delays from Shipping providers/carriers.

  4. Tahoora Sweets will always try their very best to ship on the estimated Ship date calculated by the website, but is not guaranteed. In such cases a customer representative will try to reach out to the customer.

  5. Customer has to take the responsibility of receiving or picking the products as soon as its delivered.

  6. Due to perishable nature of the items, orders will not be shipped the previous week to be delivered the following week.

    For example: If you need the order to be delivered on Tuesday, orders will not be shipped from warehouse the previous week. The only option you will have in such cases is that order will be shipped Monday to be delivered Tuesday.

  7. Order will be shipped based on the delivery date selected and the shipping option selected by Customer. Orders will always be shipped and delivered during the same week.

  8. For residential addresses, depends on the Shipping Carrier and delivery address, orders could be delivered over the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. This is dependent on Shipping Carrier. On the website, you will get the appropriate choice to select the right shipping option.

  9. Shipping options provided by Carrier are based on
    1. Shipping life of products in your shopping cart
    2. Shipping Address
    3. Delivery date selected by customer
    4. Date/Time of the day the order is placed
    5. Holidays if any during this timeframe

  10. Orders to be delivered by end of week, have the most available and cheaper shipping options available.
    For example, if you select Friday as the delivery date, then the order can be shipped Monday to Thursday to be delivered on Friday.

  11. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

    If you have to cancel an order, you will need to send an email to support@tahoora.com mentioning your Order Number or call customer service at 773-743-7272.

    Depending upon when we receive the cancellation request, we will process it as per the policy mentioned below:

    If you cancel your order before your ordered items have been procured/prepared OR
    if you cancel 2 days before the Estimated Ship Date on your receipt, Tahoora Sweets will gladly refund the entire amount, without deducting any processing or cancelation charges.

  12. If you cancel your order after your ordered items have been procured/prepared but not yet Shipped:
    Amount will be refunded, minus the 50% of processing fees. Please note that processing fees varies depending on the size of the order and the items in the order. Tahoora Sweets will get a confirmation from you before initiating the cancelation. Should you choose to undo the cancelation, we will gladly reprocess the order at no additional cost.

  13. If you cancel your order after your ordered items have been shipped, Tahoora Sweets will be unable to process the cancelation. Due to perishable nature of the items, we will be unable to take back the returned items.

  14. For Pick-Up ONLY: If the customer places the order andDOES NOT PICK IT UP, the “CUSTOMER” is fully liable for that invoice. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

  15. All Refunds will be processed to original form of payment, within 10-15 business days

  16. If you notice an error in the order delivered, please contact us within 3 hours and we will do our best to correct the error. You will have to call within 3 hours of receiving the order. We will try our best to remedy the situation.
    Any attempts to return/refund/exchange perishable items after 3 hours will not be processed.

  17. If you notice the package is damaged, please return the package to the delivery person and do not accept, and immediately email us the pictures of the damaged package to support@tahoora.com mentioning your Order ID.
    In such cases, we will only be able to exchange the order and will be unable to refund your order.

  18. In cases, where we are unable to procure/process your order, we will try to reach you on your primary and secondary phone numbers and will try to seek your permission to replace with alternate items.
    If requested by customer, we will be able to refund the order.

  19. Ordered items are spoilt when received:- While we take all necessary steps to ensure you receive your ordered items in fresh condition, there could be in some very rare cases the items delivered to your address might be spoilt. In such cases, please contact us immediately mentioning the Order Number and we will work with you to either refund the amount or send you a replacement order.

  20. If there is delay in receipt because it could not be delivered at the first attempt due to non-availability at home, we will not be responsible for the items getting spoil and no refund will be made.
    - In case a delivery deferral is requested after the products are already shipped, we will not be processing the request and no be responsible in case ordered items perish. There will be no refund in this case too.

  21. Changes to Terms

    Tahoora Sweets & Bakery reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions. Tahoora Sweets & Bakery encourages you to periodically review this page to keep yourself updated with updated terms and conditions.

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